Snyper Hunting Products has set the bar when it comes to wireless trail camera innovation. They have engineered the most affordable wireless trail camera's on the market today! Now with their new Mavaco Sim Card, you can now receive wirless pictures and video no matter what wireless carrier you may have. Verison, ATT&T, Sprint, and many more. Get a text or email moments after your camera is triggered. Nothing like being at work and getting text messages from up to date pictures of your big boy hitting your feeder or standing in your food plot. This innovation will not only up the game when it comes to tracking your target bucks movement to the "T", but it will also keep you from having to constantly replace SD cards and also now with the Solar panel, batteries as well. Stop going into your properties week after week pressuring your deer when you can now stay out months knowing your cameras are giving you that upper edge on harvesting your big buck for seasons to come. Head over to the Contact tab so you can reach out and see what offers we have on all Snyper Products!




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We here at Prairie Storm Outfitting are now Official Dealers of all Arrow Seed Products! Anywhere from CRP, Sorghum, Wheat, Lawn Grasses, Cover Crops, Food Plots, and much more! Arrow Seed has been a family owned business since 1954 and we would not be selling their products if we didn't believe in them.  All our seed that we use to grow mature healthy deer comes straight from them and only them! If you ever wanted to have the chance to better your property with some of the best products in the industry then we are here to help you get started! Go to the Contact Page for more info on how to reach us in order to try some of their amazing products.

*Green Screen, Krunch N' Munch, and Deer Delight

are just a few of the many products we carry!*

Yes, yes we know, there are more cover scents out there on the market then you can shake a stick at, but are very many, if any, all natural? Probably not, Final Step is an all natural cover scent that works not only as what it's title states, but also as a calming agent for deer, elk, and other big game animals. This stuff is what we call the "sleeper" of all cover scents out there today. The scents range from Cedar, Juniper, Sage, and Grease Wood. These scents you can actually smell the aroma, which not only makes you feel like it's working, but also the game you chase will feel calm, let their guard down, and naturally be themselves not knowing your yards away. If you want to try this up and coming product then go ahead and head over to our contact page to hit us up and find out all you need to know to better you hunts in the future.

*12 per case @ $15.00 per bottle / Discount on case by case orders*

The Prairie Storm Lodge is a new addition to the 2017 hunting season and beyond. We purchased an old restaurant in the small town of Prairie View, KS, located in the big buck area of Unit 3. With our private property located in multiple directions of our lodge and Nebraska just 14 miles away, it was a no brainer in taking a major step into providing quality deer hunts in Kansas and soon to be Nebraska. This lodge comes with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms (Handicap Accessible), open living room and kitchen, bar, flat screen tv's, wifi, pool table & poker table (coming soon), wash/dryer, mud room, wood burning stove, and a back deck. This lodge has a rustic interior with a very relaxing atmosphere. It's a great place to just relax, watch football, and have a drink (or few) after a long day of hunting. Completion of the lodge was in October of 2017!

*More Pictures in the Photo Gallery*

Lodge sleeps 5-6, We do not mix big groups! You book with us the lodge is yours for your entire stay! Require 3 persons or more to secure the lodge outright. 2 persons or less may join another 1 or 2 persons. Clients will be notified ahead of time on individuals staying at the lodge during booking time.


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Do you want to enhance your deer herds health while in the same since attracting that buck of a life time and enhancing antler growth? Well Big & J is the only place you should look! Seriously these products not only work they exceed all expectations! Big & J is a long range attractant that not only can pull the big boys from neighboring properties but it can also keep them around for good! From the famous BB2 (a 90% digestible energy protein feed) to the Deadly Dust and multiple minerals you can't go wrong! You can mix it with corn or feed it straight! How's that for a flexible attractant that your deer will absolutely love! Need more info on ALL the many types of products Big & J offers? Hit us up on the contact page so you can receive a full price list and information pack on everything we offer.  

*We carry BB2 in 40lb bags, retail stores can only carry the 20lb bags.

Discounts for bulk orders available!*