By clicking "Buy Now", you're taking your first steps into having your hunting adventure on the books and "locked in". However, please make sure to contact us beforehand so we can ensure that our team is available for your requested hunt.

The earlier the better so you and your group can lock in the dates that best fit your needs! Deposits are set at 25% for the following:

$250 - 3 Day Turkey (per person)

$750 - 5 Day Early/Late Season Archery Whitetail

$850 - 5 Day Rut Archery Whitetail

*For all other Deposits call or email for pricing and so we can run your credit card or setup mailing as we do take checks as well*

*A 4% service charge will be added to your credit card payment for processing*

*Deposits are non refundable but can be carried over for up to 1 full year*

Dear Client(s),

When you and your group pay your deposits we can assure you that it not only will be securing your locked in dates for your hunt but will also be put back into the operations of our business. What we mean by that is when we receive your money it helps us continue to grow our operation to better your success and your stay. We invest that money into more feeders, trail camera's, more properties, our hunting lodge, and many other things that make this business run smoothly and successfully for you as our client. So rest assure, your money and others goes a long way into us bettering your all around experience here at Prairie Storm. Year after year as a returning client our goals are to show vast imporvements so you can visually see the dedication we have in improving our clients whole experience. We want you to feel just as much as a partner in this operation as we are and with that we can generate one of the better producing outfitters in the country!


Thank You for your Business,

Founder/Co-Owner: Blake Duff

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